Desert Roses

by charkol

Desert Roses
Toasted Stoneware
Variable Sizes
March 27, 2014


When someone is journeying through a parched desert, it can get so dry that one might go mad with thirst. Suddenly one stumbles upon a rose sitting faithfully upon cracked earth and it says – Trust. When one sees a rose budding even on earth that is completely broken, one can see that there is hope because somewhere deep deep within is water. For there cannot be a rose, without water. So a desert rose offers trust to the stranger who is wandering in dryness. The desert rose arises suddenly especially upon the stranger in the exact moment – not a moment sooner – when the stranger feels completely broken after having understood that a desert is better than shedding bitter water. A desert rose springs out of water yet unseen and untasted. A desert rose blooms completely out of trust.

It is a flower of the earth transformed and speaking a promise of real water.