Rosette Series 2

by charkol

Heartworks in Motion
(after Heartworks in Motion ©)
(Lupine Series #1 – 20
Rosette Series 2)
Watercolour pencil on paper

2. Full Collection

The series of Rosette drawings blossomed forth in the summer of 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland, while my husband was spending a work sabbatical and our children and I were spending a much blessed 3 months respite from the daily toils of life in Singapore.

Lupine Series (Rosette Series #2) is named after Heartworks in Motion©, to honour the work of DanaKae Bonahoom, the hope in my heart for the fruition of fully inclusive schools in Singapore, Malaysia, South-east Asia and Asia.

The Lupine is in honour of my dear brave daughter who was 10 at the time of the drawings. She has been one heart who has carried my heart through so many trials. We fell in love with her lupine sprouts which she so faithfully, hopefully and lovingly planted in the modest balcony of our summer home.

The Rosette series are unique flowers in full bloom, named after my dear friends who have faithfully held my heart while I was in the winter of my blossoming. Four – DanaKae, Mia, Stef, Lara – are included in this series.

I hope to raise funds for the work of fully inclusive schools, through these drawings.

The writings that accompany these drawings are still in preparation in a manuscript entitled, “A Posy of 12 Julys”.
Peng-Ean Khoo
March 2016